February 21, 2000
After beeeing together for a month and a half, I took twelve days off and brought Cathy to Grafton to stay for a while. It would be the first time we had together away from everything for any extended period of time. Up to this point we were only able to see each other about four days a month (work/weather permitting). I was a little nervous--okay, very nervous. There were still parts of our relationship we hadn't explored but after all the times we'd had together, we knew where things were heading. The first night we walked to a nearby Italian restaurant and then Cathy had just a little too much wine. I held her hair as she puked in my garbage can. So romantic. The next morning I fed her pieces of crackers and Canada Dry soda just like my mother did to me when I was sick as a child.
She recovered and for the whole week it was just Cathy and I being lovers, or something. We drove down the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge and harrassed the seagulls, and on the last day she wanted to see me in my uniform. So I stood outside my apartment trying to improvise what a soldier would do. Then we fed the ducks but unfortunately the seagulls pushed them away, so I hurled painful pieces of bread at them to throw them off target. Fun stuff...
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