Paradise Lost

December 22, 2000
On December 22, I graduated the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy with 14 of the 15 classmates I'd started was lost but not forgotten. I was so proud of what we had accomplished together, what I had accomplished, not so much in the work I'd done but the courage I was able to find, the promise I found in myself and most of all in friends I'd made along the way...experiences I'll never forget. At the post graduation party I hugged all the women AND all the guys as well and trying to hide the tears, retired to my room to pack for my departure in the morning. You can't have bittersweet without sweet...
and it had been so sweet.
Share this time with me and smile when I smile...share how we feel when we walk the next mile>>> Warm my cold hand and we won't need the sun, with you in my heart my long journey is done>>> The sky will not leave us, we'll be there tomorrow>>> The ground we can stand on and water with sorrow>>> The present is us, we have found it at last>>> We are one precious moment that won't ever pass>>>
Then I went back to my daily serving of pessimistic, miserable bastard.