Mad About You


June 16, 2002

Seko and I kidded around a lot. She had such a beautiful smile I couldn't resist bringing it out of her as much as possible. Once when I didn't have any photos of myself to show her, I put my face on my scanner and emailed it to her>>>

We shared everything. When I was off I was always at her place or she was at mine. I had gone from living alone and having few friends, if any, to living like a married man with two dogs and a gorgeous wife. I wanted this so much but kept asking Seko for patience, telling her that I wasn't used to having someone around all the time and needed to learn to adjust. I just needed patience.

It was the first time I felt I was in a relationship with an equal. We were both on the same level, and we understood each other and what we'd both been through. Still, I felt so much like Seko didn't need to be with me...she wanted to. And because of that I had a strange feeling...I told Seko,"I feel like someday you will abandon me". I couldn't understand it.

In June Seko's best friend, Yukie, and Yukie's dog, Butch visited her from New York. Seko and Yukie had their 'girl time' together and after a few days, I missed Seko so much. By this time my work had been taking much of my energy and when we were together I tried to enjoy myself, but I was tired from work and dreading the next shift. When Seko was away, I couldn't think of anything but her. When we were apart for that week she sent me this picture of her and her friend Yukie and Butch and Kai (Ringo is just off camera). Seko is the gorgeous one in this photo>>>

Seko's parents came to visit the next week, and we were apart again. Knowing Langley Air Force Base had their annual airshow, I asked Seko if I could take them there. So we spent a day together with her parents at the airshow, something I never attend, but I knew her father loved airplanes and so, I got them in. Her parents liked me too. We ran into one of Seko's friends from the symphony, Stephanie, and her father shot the bottom photo of us.

 Turn on your wipers, maybe he'll fall off>>> Three dog night>>>
Ever watched an automobile accident as it happened and was too far away to warn anyone?>>>