Stumbling Around


August 6, 2002

An ugly sting ends a beautiful relationship>>> Later I told seko why I'd been depressed in Washington D.C...because I'd spent time there with someone else. I didn't want her to think it was something she'd was just see, this is why I asked her for patience! She got very upset and asked to break-up with me but cooled down overnight and we made up the next day. It seemed we were having a lot of trouble understanding each other lately. She never liked that I was building a website with all my great memories and adventures on it and said she wanted to be part of my great memories. So I decided to work harder on the website so I could eventually write about us on here. I needed to move past my bad memories and the best way was to exercise my demons.

On August 1, while looking for a house in Virginia Beach, seko crashed into a mailbox. Her car was so messed up she had to put it in the shop indefinitely. She was okay, but in the mean time she needed someone to drive her around. In a strange twist, the man who owned the mailbox wanted to settle the payoff by taking her out to dinner. She mentioned this to me but I was so tired I left it open to her...I didn't want her to but I wanted to leave it to her. She turned him down.

On August 3rd seko flew to Atlanta Georgia to audition for the Atlanta symphony. She had been nervous weeks before and that had added to my own fatigue. I'd hoped she'd return refreshed. I took another vacation and babysitted her dogs Kai and Ringo for three days. I enjoyed the free time...the first long period of free time I'd had in months. I didn't even miss seko for some reason. I was like a zombie and I adored her was like when we were together the four of us were family. I decided to clean up my house which had fallen into disarray since I'd been dating seko.

I started by trimming the hedges in my front seemed safe enough. On the second hedge a yellow-jacket flew out at me and stung me in the top of my left hand. This was no ordinary sting...I'd been stung before but this pain was very intense and my hand began to swell immediately and later spread to my wrist forcing me to loosen my watch. After three days it decreased but my hand had a strange rubber texture...if I rubbed the back of my hand it was like two layers of rubber against each other. It was very creepy.

Ringo tries to stop Michael from riding his bicycle by stealing his bicycle clothing>>>