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April 4, 2003

Are you tired of unsightly facial hair?>>> Many problems with having a roommate! I shot myself in the foot on this one and I knew it, somehow thinking that God would look at me with mercy seeing that I was giving mercy to another. Perhaps it worked...I mean, I survived! To his credit, Scott2 was a decent roommate. He never complained and we stayed out of each others' way. I had no personal interaction with him and when I came home from work I pretended he wasn't there. I mumbled things to Gizmo about how to kill him, often saying,"Gizmo...go for the jugular...that big juicy vein in the neck. Once you bite, don't let go...just hang on 'til the screaming stops". It kept things cool with Scott2 knowing that Gizmo could kill him any time.

I tried hooking up with a singles group at my local church and even went to a 'speed dating' party. It was fun even though I only liked one lady. The interaction was fun. I knew I needed to move on. I went on a retreat with the singles group to Duck, North Carolina on the February 15, weekend and the only people who showed up were middle-aged women who, each and every one of them were twice my size! The men were pretty old was like going to my family reunion (my cousins are much older than me). They were friendly but I just couldn't stand being cooped up with those people! I kept trying to get away, taking long solo walks in the pouring rain, praying for God to kill me. After that retreat I cut-off communications with my church singles group.
The biggest problem with having a roomate is, with all this emotion swirling around in me, I couldn't write anything! Just the presence of another person made it impossible for me to open up my feelings. I owe most of my sanity to three wonderful women...first Hope, then
Paralyn , my old friend from my youth, and then, Angie , my five-year cyber friend. They were my rocks, my sounding boards, and I could tell them anything.

Paralyn worked about a mile from me and we'd known each other for so long we could slip into any conversation and I could put my foot in my mouth and she'd let me pull it out. We'd grown closer than ever.

Want to get electrolysis but simply can't afford the bills?  Then become a Yorkie!>>>'re my only hope>>>
I bought an Eddy Merckx titanium bicycle frame to ride while my Trek 5900 bicycle frame was sent to Trek to have the headset fixed. They accidentally destroyed the Trek frame and had to get me a brand new Trek 5900 to replace it. So I sold my titanium frame, put together my new Trek bicycle (no photos worth showing) and rode it into work on February 22, a balmy 64 degree Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, by the time I got there a massive thunderstorm had grasped Langley and spawned tornadoes in nearby Suffolk. As I approached the west gate, along with ever-increasing debris, a huge tree branch about 15 feet in length came flying across the road nearly wacking me on my new machine. The last thing I wanted was to damage my new bicycle. Leaning heavily into the side wind and horizontal rain sweeping across the black-veiled flight line, having a foot out of my pedal in case the bicycle was blown out from under me, I managed to cross the two miles from the gate to my work and made it without destroying the bicycle. I, however, was completely soaked and the nice 64 degree, muggy weather had dropped to a windy 48 degrees. My office was very cold so I shivered through a few hours of work before I phoned Paralyn at her apartment to rescue me. She picked me up and we went out for a romantic Sushi dinner. I hadn't felt magic with Paralyn since 1987...but I did that night.
So...when does the 'feeling better' part begin?>>>
Oh...I forgot my very, very special friend, Gizmo. I was so in love with this little ball of hair and teeth. He'd greet me every day and stay with me all day, never leaving my side. Whenever I'd sit down, you could be sure he would run over to me and want to be on my lap. Then he'd curl up and fall asleep or sometimes just look, lovingly at me with those big chocolate eyes. The only time he hated me was when I gave him baths...hehehe...