A Hand From Heaven
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May 4, 2003

See how much your life is improved with a set of contact lenses!  Your friends will see a new you!>>> Rogaine gone bad>>>

Angie came back into my life in January, we had a major fight again, and stopped emailing and chatting for about a month. Then we started again and began phoning (she was still in Indonesia) and writing and emailing daily. It was very uplifting knowing Angie was still there and still cared. The phone bills were pretty high but every night I'd go to my bedroom, close the door and Gizmo would sit on my lap while I called my sweety, Angie.

Angie, a world traveler, told me many times I should travel and, of course, my excuse was, I hated traveling alone. Then one night she said,"Why don't we meet in Singapore?" I said,"Sure". After the SARS scare it ended up being Kuala Lumpur. For the third, or fourth, or fifth...or...I don't really know...but Angie and I planned to meet together again! We both said that with all we'd been through together it would be a sin if we never met in person. The plan was to meet and spend time together and make the world go away. Angie was the uplifting force that took me out of the ashes and made me feel alive again.

On May 17, I entered a race to the top of the Wintergreen Ski resort, which was the road I'd been trying to conquer for five years! I did the race and finished somewhere towards the rear of the group. I was very bad, but, I made it to the top of a climb which was as hard or harder than Reed Gap. The difference between this time and all the other times was the weather. It was unseasonably cold...50 degrees and raining.

Alexandria pretends to be a red ladybug on a long windshield>>>