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June 2, 2003

I'm back from 10 wonderful days (and 13 beautiful nights) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thanks for your prayers and gifts and burnt offerings during my absence as I was not killed once during the entire trip...a perfect record!

It's been a hard week...Tuesday I had to take three of my four tenants to court and sue them for back rent and then kick them out. It's not easy to smile when you kill but I did well...
It was very hard leaving Gizmo for the first time since I'd adopted him. I cried as I left the house, wondering if my little buddy would be there when I returned. I later found out he sat in front of my closed bedroom door for the first two days I was gone. Poor little stinker...well...adventure called...
I left on the evening of June 2nd and landed at Laguardia Airport (New York City),

Lower Manhattan>>>
Middle Manhattan>>>

Upper Middle Manhattan>>>


Hudson River>>>

Empire State Building>>>

New York City Sunset>>>
(I'm real proud of how I digitally erased the traffic light from this beautiful sunset photo using Microsoft Paint...)
New York City Sunset, corrected by Mr. Horsey>>>
...took a shuttle bus to Newark, N.J. and then flew out of Newark the next morning. Manhattan looked trashy and run-down, just like on "Welcome Back Kotter". I kept looking for Vinny Barbarino to be strutting down the graffitti-clad city streets. My motel in Newark had a wall around it, fortress-style, I suppose to keep the muggers out. Flight time was just over 21 hours from Newark to Kuala Lumpur with a short layover in Dubai, United Arab Emrates...

Dubai, United Arab Emrates>>>

Dubai Control Tower>>>