Our Cocoon
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June 7, 2003
During the next few days we went shopping yet again for more clothing, and visited the World's Largest Ovary. This hawk was pretty drunk and yelled at us to get off his property. He smoked cigars and sounded like Archie Bunker.
We spied a rare creature, found only in Malaysia, a cross between a Toucan and a Ferret, known as a Tourret. Two photos over you see a hungry one going after Angie's foot. 'Tourret' is French for 'Ugly and Scared'. Then we visited a huge butterfly farm. If you love butterflies you'll love this. Lucky for me I had a good camera, great zoom lens, and a good eye (the other eye is mediocre).
Edith!  Beer me will ya'? >>>
World's Largest Ovary >>> Hey...check out that sandal...looks like my type...five heads...brittle, peeling head, smells like mildew>>>
Please no pictures!  I just came out of the cocoon I look awful!>>>
Ladies, gentlemen, and that horse in the back, I'm in charge of makeup here at the farm. On my right wing you see what happens when you apply too much mascara>>>
Now here we have a too much foundation.  If you overdo it, light won't reflect and you'll be invisible>>>
I haven't always been this glamourous.  When I was a caterpillar I was so ugly someone tried to step on me.>>>
No, no, no!  My name is Rajah!  Not Roger!>>>
Now here we have just the right amount of blush...well done!>>>
Let's give her a hand!>>>