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June 10, 2003

Eyes of Malaysia>>> Angie and Eye>>>
Angie and Kuala Lumpur lights>>> The next day I made it up to the 558 foot Petronas skybridge. Security was so tight they only allowed so many people a day to visit the bridge and you had to get a (free) ticket with a show time, and was only allowed ten minutes on the bridge under heavy chaperon. They do a background investigation, body cavity search (I had them do mine three times just to be extra careful), then they clean your teeth, make you wear a chicken costume, and send you up. It was raining lions, dingos, and men so the pics weren't very good...mostly rain.

I discarded the chicken suit and then had another visit with my daughter Denise and her main squeeze, Jason. I was still learning to use chopsticks and Angie wasn't feeling well (she'd been sick all day). We sat in an outdoor buffet of sorts and had a big pile of food in the middle of the table which we all picked from. Angie, while giggling at me, said to Denise,"Have you noticed how the trail of food all points to Michael's plate?"
Here she is a few days later at a café feeling much better. I couldn't resist taking these hot photos (the fourth photo is not Angie):

Petronas at night>>>
Kuala Lumpur view from our nest>>>
Kuala Lumpur view from our nest>>>
Angie and her home>>> Here's a shot I took while standing under the world's tallest flag pole...100 meters...while Angie and I sampled some more of that golden mystery liquid...
The moon of Malaysia was beautiful. Angie and I lived under it together for ten wonderful days. But real life would call us away.
Kuala Lumpur secretarial building>>> kuala lumpur secretarial building>>>