My Baby Turns One!
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July 17, 2003

Dude!  Nice hair!  You heard from Ma?>>>
In March 2003 Mary, a co-worker at the Air and Space Expeditionary Force Center (AEFC) where I work, came by my desk looking for someone. She saw the picture of Gizmo I had up on my computer (I rotate hundreds of his photos) and asked me,"Is that a Yorkie? I love those, they're so cute! I have one too". She started to tell me about her little Yorkie, Colors, who had been having seizures and the doctor didn't know what was wrong. I asked her how old he was and she said eight months. I told her my Gizmo was eight months old too and he was fine. So I asked,"When is his birthday?" and she said,"July 17, 2002". I said,"Mine too! Did you get him from a trailer park in Williamsburg?" She replied,"Yeah, a lady named Wanda". They were twin brothers! Mary had Gizmo's brother! I was thrilled. So, on July 17, 2003, I brought Gizmo to a little doggy day-care near the base and at lunch, Mary brought Colors there and we re-united to two for their first birthday!
Gizmo is the hairy disaster...
Whoa Gizmo!  I didn't know you swung both ways!  You been surgically castrated yet?>>> Oh my God...I'm being touched by a freak and his psychotic masterpiece...ruff...ruff>>> I can't wait to lick that!>>> Hey bro...are these two beauties yours?  I think I'm gonna have to ditch that Mr. Horsey guy...he has a hairy back>>>
The two were pretty indifferent, and since Gizmo usually goes nuts when he meets a new dog, that told me he already remembered Colors. Colors followed Gizmo around the courtyard at the puppy-day-care and they even did some light playing. Mary and her daughter loved Gizmo's long hair and after this they let Colors' hair grow long.
Then I had to put poor Gizmo back into the kennel and return to work until I could pick him up at the end of the day. Poor little fella...Happy Birthday my son...
So when do I get to take advantage of prisoner education programs?  I don't want to end up handing out fries at Wendy's>>>