Gizmo's Girls
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June 2004

Uhhh...hi....were you using this couch?>>>
Gizmo had this stuffed Octopus which I referred to as his girlfriend. Back when he was taking puppy classes, we were advised to get our pups a toy so that when they started biting you could stick it in their face. That way they would understand they were supposed to bite the toy and not your hand. We were told it should be long, like a snake, so they didn't accidentally bite us from being overzealous. Me, being a forward thinker, figured, why get a snake when you can get an Octopus? Now I could get six more dogs!
Gizmo did strange...embarrassing things with this "Girlfriend" of his. He'd sit with his paws around her head and suck on her like a giant breast. And sometimes, although he had been fixed ('castrated'), he would pretend to hump her, doggy style. It was really cute because his little thing didn't work...he would do this dance with her while panting. So, I began to call her his 'girlfriend'. Every night I'd get in bed with the lights out in the house, and Gizmo would run in and jump on the bed. I'd ask him,"Gizmo...where's your girlfriend?" He'd look puzzled...look behind...look around the room, and then disappear into the dark house. About 30 seconds later he'd come running like a little cyclone with this octopus dangling from his mouth, legs flying everywhere looking like one of those scrubbing bubbles from the old commercials. Then he'd mount her and...well...just check out the June 2004 issue of Penthouse.
But Gizmo did have real bitches. Here's his favorite bitch, Abbey. She was a few months younger than him but much larger, and she had rythm! She belonged to my neighbor, Holly. On this occasion Gizmo was particularly agressive. They were making such a racket and Gizmo jumped on her head and was biting the crap out of her! They were playing, of course. He has that Terrier personality.
You are so me>>>
You are so me...CAN'T YOU SEE???!!!!>>>
You are so beautiful...toooo...meeeee....>>>
You are so beautiful...toooo...meeeee....>>>