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On September 18, I drove all the way back to Indiana again for my 20th high school reunion. It was a little different from the 15th in 1999. This time there were quite a bit more divorced classmates, and people were showing their age. Turn out was very low too. I was especially pessimistic (but I make fun of myself so you can't tell...can you?) and when I was mailed the questionaire for the reunion, I sent my creepiest photo I could find and answered all questions as honestly as I that just made people scratch their heads and go,"Huh?" Jenny, who put the 'program' together called me over when I walked in and said,"I never knew you had a sense of humor!" Her husband had helped her put it together and was talking to me about what I'd written and so it broke the ice a lot. As I walked around I saw a few people holding up the program to the page with my picture on it and looking a little disturbed. I guess it's better to be disturbing than to be undisturbed. I got a lot of attention, and, like Gizmo, I loved it. Bad press is better than no press! Jenny owns the leg I'm leaning on in this's the first time I ever touched her thigh, ever. Her husband watched and didn't mind (I'm in second row with silly smile). Why didn't I go Gothic in high school?

For food we had roasted entire pig. I never did like eating something I could recognize. If it looks like you should be feeding it then you shouldn't be eating it. Even with all the people there, we only succeeded in eating its ass. I wonder if the homeless shelters would want an assless, warm, dead pig? And how would you explain that as a tax write-off? I drank beer during this reunion and was very happy, free, and social. Although I rarely spoke to these people in high school, I felt close to them and enjoyed hearing their stories as much as they enjoyed mine. Being in the military, honestly, I could probably make up a lot of crap and they'd never know the difference. It still has an impact when they say,"So Michael, what do you do now?" and I reply,"Air Force Intelligence". It's hard to find a comeback for that. But if my Mom were there she'd probably reply with,"Do you like tomatoes?"

The next day I ran in the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure to raise money for Breast. Cancer research is a big thing in my family since my father had cancer three times (and died from it), my mother had it once, and I've had five aunts, an uncle, and a cousin with cancer, four of which died from it and one who is currently dying from it. The extended family has even more. After the race baby sister Brenda came over with her family...Gizmo was shy around her children and kept wanting Brenda to hold him. Then Mom, Brenda, and I posed on the patio with Gizmo, wearing our race T-shirts.

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