Now if I could only get paid for doing this, I'd be set!!!>>>
May 1980 (8th grade) measuring garbage dumpsters at Corpus Christi Catholic School for my teacher, Mr. Wathen. I'd found my calling. My only claim to fame was that I'd broken the 1976 world record for coin snatching...problem was, I did it in 1977. Someone had already broken the old record.
I only spoke to the teacher once in class without raising my hand in twelve years. I was very disciplined, except, there was a blip in 8th grade. The one time I got into trouble was when our class went to the Philharmonic Symphony performance in Evansville. The whole time Tom and I, while trying to be quiet, kept making silly jokes. Soon we had the giggles so bad that a teacher from another school got up and told us to be quiet. Mr. Wathen scolded us at school but Joe Gerber had done some stupid things on the bus ride back to school so he drew the fire away from us.
As I write this I'm a little nervous because tomorrow night I'll be back at the Phiharmonic for the first time in 26 years. I hope the conductor doesn't remember me.
pride comes before the fall, pride comes before the fall...>>> No direct eye contact...pride comes before the careful...>>>
What Dad?  Sorry...I didn't mean to block the dresser on the'll move out of the way>>> I was the head of the art section (badgered into it because of my artistic talent) for the school newspaper and Tom, Trevor, and Deanna were my 'staff'. I wrote cartoons like 'Mighty Maggot', 'Super Fly' and there were Garfield cartoons which always had blood and weapons in them. We invented Kool Aid's arch enemy, 'Kill Aid' who carried a pitcher of sulfuric acid. In one cartoon Kill Aid beat Kool Aid to death with a baseball bat and then sawed him into little pieces. Audrey, the editor, kept kicking them back. She shouldn't have been surprised; two years earlier there was a contest for a Christmas story, to be decided by the 8th grade class. My brother happened to be a judge but he didn't know it was my story. They were submitted annonymously, and my story won. When it was printed the 6th grade teacher had all the students turn their newspapers in to her so she could cut them out. My story was about Santa's drunk before Christmas. She thought it was inappropriate.
Anyway, in 1980, Tom and Trevor were fed up with our cartoons being refused so they went on strike. I had no backbone to control them. Time and again I had no vision, no backbone.

In 1980 I ran the mile for the first time and had a respectable time of 6:15 in my first run, and 6:50 in the second. I was third but never tried to be the fastest. My older brother Darrel, had just run a 5:55 in high school that year, so he told me I should just stay in third place so I could have a fast time. That's exactly what
I did! I forced myself to stay in third. Two years later, I had more spunk, but for 1980 all I can say is I made it out of gradeschool with that degree.<<<previous <<<learning to fly