Dad is us the chocolate cake...>>>

December 11, 1984 (19th birthday gathering)
Left to right: Mommy Viola (born June 25, 1929), little sister Brenda (born July 17, 1970, red gown), Me (red...looks scared), Daddy Richard (born October 1, 1930 - died June 13, 1996), bottom photo in dark blue jacket with scowl is big brother Darrel (born August 8, 1964) and inset of me, Brenda, and Darrel from 1971.

The Paul family...
A pretty normal family, although we all had our fears: Viola, the break-up of her family, Darrel, not making it as an intellectual, Michael, living life alone and unloved, Brenda...rubber bands.
Pretty normal...and at this point, Michael (me) was going through great turmoil. I was the first child to leave home, by far the youngest to leave, and the only one to do it alone. And, I was the only member of either my father or mother's side to have the military as a career. I was a mess, as you can see. I just wanted to get the picture taking over and contemplate what I was about to do. The next day I was on a bus, and gone was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced...
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Prince Michael, Princess Brenda, and Queen Viola watch King Richard in his new clothes>>>
Prince Michael and heir to the throne, Prince Darrel>>>
A King in his Castle>>>