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December 31, 1985:
The lovely and talented Tom with TCCMWPCW band T-shirt -
It had been an interesting year but something was missing in my life. I was bored often. One day in November I was off for three days, had no car or bicycle, so I decided I'd walk for six hours, turn around and walk back. Simple plan, right? I walked from 6am to noon, and as I was about to turn around, a policeman drove up to question me. He saw my military I.D. and asked where I was from. I replied,"The base". He said,"What base?" I told him I was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. He said,"You're over 20 miles out!" Oops. I didn't realize I'd been walking that fast. I covered 43 miles that day. I wasn't bored though.
Another visit to Evansville-I was 20 and, Tom and I hadn't seen each other in over a year, so we re-lived some old memories.
What happens when you don't get enough alchohol? Look at the photos.

Tom, seen for the first time in stylish plastic bag, was born Thomas Curtis Crayner, December 11, 1965, eight hours before I, in the same hospital. We'd been together since 1973, although we'd known each other all our lives. As teenagers we made recordings as the "TCCMWPCW Band" using assumed names. I was Millenium Worpuscle Palimony, he was Troy Cranium Carcus. We recorded on a cheap stereo in his living room. Patches, his cat, once attacked Tom's stereo speakers in a fit of rage over what was tearing at her little kitty ear drums. However, technically, we DID write our own songs...or something.

Below - If you wonder how Michelangelo got his ideas for

sculptures - I shot a picture, and VIOLA!!! Mommy can still catch.
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