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August 15,

The Monkees (photo above) were playing in Waterloo, Nebraska 30 miles west of the base. At the time I was an emerging fan of theirs, and I received a lot of flak from work because of it. It was their 20-year reunion tour, and their second time in the Omaha area in two months. They'd played Omaha on June 14, but I was on my Honor Guard trip and missed them, which made me very upset. I channeled my rage into cycling, and then I prayed that somehow they would come back. A week later, it was announced they'd play again! I was determined to see them at all costs, and since I had no driver's license, I wanted to ride my bicycle there;however, I'd been having a series of flat tires, (I had two that day) and didn't know why (I was new to serious cycling), and I didn't think I'd make it. So I made a deal with

my roomate...if he drove me there, with my bicycle, I'd ride back, or find some way. The concert was fantastic (they DO play instruments). Peter Tork even waved at me. At 10:30pm, I started riding home. Two miles out, my tire flatted. I replaced the inner tube and it went flat again. So I began walking...I walked my bicycle through the night until I arrived home 6:00am. I took roadside naps with my arms wrapped through the bicycle(we were more than friends). It was all worth it, and what an adventure! The next day I called Karen and told her about it. She said,"You don't have a license? Why?" I told her I didn't want to bother anyone by asking to go to get one. She said, "I'm off Friday, I'll take you". And that's what she did. Wasn't that SO sweet?
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August 31, 1986 (above). Sergeant Pernel "Pel" Pelican kills Sergeant Janet Cook as First Lieutenant Bill Keller laughs his face off, so glad it's not him being killed. In these first years, my co-workers and I had great friendships, which is why I often say that Offutt Air Force Base was my favorite assignment. Pernel later became a friend of the family later in Spokane, Washington when we were stationed together there, and Bill and I stayed in touch up until my divorce, some 11 years. Janet and I spoke a few times when I was in Spokane and she was in Tacoma, Washington too. This is why they could kill each other and laugh - you always hurt the ones you love.