Elton John, eat your heart out>>> December 18, 1986

This was my normal cycling attire: Swiss Brancale helmet, orange vest (some cop on base told me they were mandatory), my Specialized cleated cycling shoes, my ONLY pair of cycling shorts (I later found out they were WOMEN'S shorts), and sunglasses which someone had thrown at me during the summer. I picked them up, they fit, and I wore them for over a year. Oh right, I already said that. No one ever took me aside and showed me what a cyclist was supposed to look like, so I just made it up in my Sgt. Pepper, psychedelic fashion sense. I wanted to be seen, even if I annoyed others. If I was killed on the bicycle it would be murder, not manslaughter.

I was still on an intense riding schedule. I rode mostly for distance, although on November 5, I'd managed to cover 40 miles in under two hours, which, at the time, was amazing for me. Before then, 40 miles was just something I'd endure. Now I was getting a little agressive. Besides, most normal people have no idea how hard it is to ride at, oh, say, 20 miles an hour for two hours. So I just told them how far I rode and they'd say,"Wow...why don't you sign up for the Tour de France?" Then I'd ask them,"You play football? Why don't you sign up for the SuperBowl?" They rarely caught what I was trying to say. I think that happened about eight year later when I was defensive about people telling me cycling wasn't hard, but anyway, back to 1986-I'd ride 40 miles a day, sometimes in freezing weather, and I rarely dressed for it. Once I was so cold I couldn't speak for an hour after I returned

because my lips were frozen, and I was shaking uncontrollably. I had no experience or education in proper riding, and I think genetics stopped me from really hurting myself. I guess Paul's just thrive on pain. I'm hurting right now.

I liked this picture because I look just like my father (before he died). Phil was playing with my camera and shot this. He was moving out of the dorms to get an apartment and wanted me to move in with him. It didn't fit into my financial plans, so I turned him down.
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