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December 20, 1986...Humphrey with Phil and his car, Rafael...seeing me off

It was my first Christmas at home in three years. I had just bought a car, and mommy and daddy didn't want me to drive the 600 miles from Omaha, Ne. to Evansville, IN. in the winter. Too dangerous. Then there were work problems and they told me I couldn't come home. My cousin was to be married on December 21st, but I told my mother I couldn't be there. Then there was a change, and I found out I could go after all...I just never told my mother. I drove the 600 miles flawlessly, fueled by Mt. Dew and Hershey bars.

December 24, 1986
I brought some nice clothes and drove into the tiny town of Ft. Branch, not having a clue where the wedding was and knowing virtually nothing about the town.

I cruised the tiny town until I'd see someone dressed up and I'd ask them where they were going. Eventually I got lucky and found someone who knew about my cousin's wedding. I went to the reception hall and parked around back...covered myself in aftershave (I'd been driving for over 12 hours through the night) and waited for the herd to stampede on in. Then I walked up behind my mother and tapped her on the shoulder. It was quite an entrance, I must say.
My father, Richard, was elsewhere and he heard someone say I was there... but he didn't believe it until he saw me (that story always reminds me of the apostle Thomas). And there was much rejoicing.

Unfortunately, in all the excitement, my brother and I realized we hadn't bought any presents for Christmas. So we purged the bathroom closet and gift-wrapped what we found to put under the Christmas tree. My sister got the worst end of the deal. A day before Christmas, ONE of her shoes mysteriously disappeared...
And on Christmas there was a strange, shoe-shapped present under the tree.

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