What is that thing in your face Mikey?>>> Oh my God, what the hell IS THAT???>>>
Oh...hehehe...it's a camera>>>
On June 24, Karen called me at work. She said her hell was finally over, she was being sent back to the United States, and that she would be flying through Yokota on her way back. She wanted me to come to the terminal to see her. Then she said,"I'll even give you a hug". Strange as it may seem, we'd never hugged before.

The visit was very nice and warm...my hurt feelings were gone and I blabbed on and on about how excited I was about my new hobby, racing. I was wearing my really ugly Air Force issued glasses. Karen was in a very good mood and didn't mind that I kept taking goofy pictures of her. She bought me some bicycling magazines at the terminal, and just before they called her flight she told me, "Mikey, take care of yourself...you're my hero".

<<<previous<<<free as a birdThen she gave me a long hug and once again, she was gone. I've never seen her so happy.