Snake River Half Marathon...

My very first Half-Marathon.
I wasn't at my best but I was running pretty well. After my marriage to the lovely and talented Akori (Miimii), I figured a married man didn't need to be off riding his bicycle all over the place but needed to find a safer, less time consuming sport (I was wrong, of course). So I moved running to my primary sport and used cycling to help me stay fast. My goals a good showing in Bloomsday and run my first full marathon. After training hard through January and February, I did this test race in the beautiful Snake River Canyon, 20 miles south of Lewiston, Idaho. Check out the frosty cliffs...we had to drive two hours through snow to get there but once we descended into the canyon, it was just drizzling.
I'm packed in a group of 180 runners, in the middle of the second row (see my red T-shirt peeping through). The race started, we headed out and a group of seven went off the front (me included). It was the first run in which I used drafting to conserve energy. For the first 6 1/2 miles I was stuck on this guy's butt, so close I could have licked the back of his neck, but decided not to. At 10-12 miles an hour wind makes a difference, but most runners wouldn't know that. A cyclist would. Our first mile was in 5:25, so we were smokin'. I finished 7th place, just where I was on the second photo (the weasel in the blue sweatshirt won). My time was 1 hour, 19 minutes, 47 seconds for the 13.1 miles. I was surprised that 13 miles didn't hurt.
May I have your attention please?  Will the owner of the horsey please remove him from the field?>>>
March 2, 1991


The next week I won my first open (non-military) race, the 5K Airway Heights 'Run for Sight'. I was proud of that win. My apartment was about 500 feet from the start.
Six days later I ran this Bloomsday qualifier. Bloomsday was a huge 12K race through Spokane, Washington, so huge that in 1991, with nearly 60,000 starters, it was the largest timed run in the world. If you wanted a decent start position you had to run a 5-mile qualifier race in under 30 minutes. There were 1200 runners in each of the three qualifying races.
With that many very talented runners in the qualifiers, I knew I'd finish with dignity but probably not win. So on each one I took off and led the first 1/4 to 1/2 mile, and on this one asked Miimi to shoot a photo just in case I was on the losing end of a fishing story. Here I am(in black)leading 1199 runners in the Spring Tonic race. I had a cold so my expectations weren't very high, and after 1989 my running seemed to suffer a little. I got 43rd place this day, and 21st on the qualifier the next week (time of 28:45) which I also led.
The next day, after limping and groaning through a warm-up, telling Miimii I couldn't start because my legs were too stiff to even walk, I won the 10K Hauser Lake run, and came within 15 seconds of the course record. I loved leading this one because I had police escort! I felt so important...other runners were chasing me, but I was chasing a cop! I hear once a runner catches the lead vehicle they can never race again.
There was a short blip (with tiny, long-distance video of me) on the local news. I was presented the women's trophy by accident...twice. I still have a trophy with breasts. Guess I can't use that in the fishing story.

Clip clop clip clop...the tortoise and the son-of-a-mare>>>
March 23, 1991