Mooving Along...
Lunch got caught in a neighbor's car and almost lost her foot. She came running into the apartment with most of it just hanging on her. We tossed her in a garbage bag and drove at ridiculous speeds to the Vet Clinic and Miimii, sobbing, ran into the office with a bloody garbage bag full of Lunch...hehehe...a garbage bag full of Lunch!!!
They operated immediately and amazingly saved her life, and her foot too. Three days later Lunch came home, but her foot was never the same. She had her foot cut in half, length wise, but it missed all of her tendons and muscles. Soon after, we decided she needed a companion, and rather than take a rib from her as she napped (God knows we had plenty of time) we picked up this little character.
First we named her Clam, for a short time "NCO Club", Miimii refused to let me name her Death, then we tried Cow because of the cow-like spots on her back, but eventually evolved to Moo, and it stuck (other names occasionally used were: "Piece of Sh-t", Mooster, Stuffed Animal, Popcorn, the Receptionist). She was so calm, and she would always cover her privates with her tail. Her tail looked like a racoon tail, and she had a little brown spot on the bottom of each foot. When she was angry she'd snort.
June 15, 1991

 Excellent choice...would you like to sniff the cork sir?>>>
She's a toilet brush!!!>>>
She's a backpack!!!>>>
Moo purred louder than any cat I've ever known. She sounded like she needed oil. Miimii made the mistake of putting a collar on her which jingled. Once that happened she was up all night running around making jingling noises. So we got her back during the day when she was sleeping by dripping water on her to wake her up.
She liked to wait for me on the toilet when I took a shower.