H A W A I I !!!
Things got much worse. On September 19, a neighbor at our apartment complex sexually assaulted Miimii. I didn't find out about this until two weeks later, and then Miimii threatened to commit suicide if I reported it to the police. This guy, who was an Air Force cop, told Miimii he would send her back to Japan if she reported it. Luckily we were on the top of the list to get base housing at Fairchild Air Force Base, so we just moved onto base into a nice little house. I was hoping this would take care of the situation, short of killing the guy. But then, he started calling Miimii at the house. His name was Raymond Hudson, and he was a newly married Airman from New York, born December 6, 1969, one of the cops who guarded the B-52 bombers on base...this guy actually carried a gun in his duties. Once the calls started, I recorded many of his phonecalls, and against Miimii's violent protest, went into security rosters at work, got enough information on him (I got in trouble for this later on) and reported him to the Office of Special Investigation (OSI), knowing that if this was a cop, it would be best to go outside the Air Force police. The OSI stupidly turned the case over to the security police, who were unable to accomplish anything. Rather than let Ray continue his calls and get evidence on him, they hauled him in and questioned him. The calls stopped and it became his word against ours. He denied ever knowing Miimii, although I had information on someone who'd seen him and Miimii talking, and we had his finger prints on things in our apartment.

Still, the Air Force police claimed they could do nothing. We'd give them an idea and they'd say,"Hey, we never thought of that!" The investigator, who was Miimii's primary contact, was an E-4, and to the best of my memory, only 20 years old. She was given the case when her boss dropped the papers on her desk one day.

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We were not confident at all with the Air Force investigators. Miimii would be up at night crying and telling me she was afraid. Eventually I hated all the cops on base. I made inflamatory remarks to gate guards and got hauled in for questioning. I was sent to a psychiatrist, trying to figure out why I wanted to kill this guy. The Air Force cops were worthless.
Oh...anyway, on November 6, I found out there was an Air Force tanker going to Hawaii. I called Miimii from work and said,"Are you busy Thursday?" "No why?" "Wanna go to Hawaii?". "Okay". We stayed there 2 1/2 days and only paid for food and lodging. After lying on the beach for over three hours I didn't get a tan except on the tops of my feet. My
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sunscreen was too strong. On our last day in Hawaii, we took a tour of Oahu with a bus of nerds (this is true). The whole experience was one of the best of our marriage. We got away from Spokane and just bumbed around, making it up as we went along. Hawaii was just as I remembered it when I'd flown through there almost three years earlier--beautiful, unbelievably wonderful. I'd wake up in the morning and watch the early morning rain come over the mountain in frequent rainbows, and then clear up right on time, every day. We didn't have reservations of any kind when we landed in Hawaii. I liked that, and lying on the beach was fun too. Cook Horsey at full power for five minutes, rotate beach, then cook another ten minutes at 50% power...>>>
November 7-10, 1991

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