December 29, 1991

December 29, 1991...
(below)We drove to the top of Steptoe Butte, a 3600-foot butte which springs up 2000 feet above the countryside south of Spokane. It was a common sight in the movie "Toys" with Robin Williams, which was filmed here in the summer of 1992.
It was the our first wedding anniversary and we were posing with our new car, a 1992 Honda Civic LX (which I sold in January 1999). We purchased it from an auto broker who, by pure chance, was from Evansville, Indiana. We'd finally gotten rid of
Simon. The first year of marriage was very hard, with the sexual assault and lack of work for Miimii. Well, it got worse...
Three weeks after this photo was taken, after taking a lie detector test, Miimii attempted suicide. I sensed something was wrong and didn't sleep that night, suspecting she might do something crazy. Around 4am, Miimii got out of bed and quietly sneaked into the kitchen. I quietly sneaked in after her and caught her trying to consume an entire bottle of pain killers. We wrestled, and I knocked the pills from her. We fought for a short time, and I managed to get her back into the bedroom while I called the police. I couldn't control her anymore. She was taken away and placed in an Idaho hospital for observation and counselling. My commander ordered me to go to counselling myself because there was a change in my behavior at work and because of Miimii's suicide attempt. I visited Miimii daily, we phoned, and she missed me and the girls (Lunch and Moo). The lawyers I spoke to told me that due to the length of time we waited to report the attack, there was a very small chance of prosecution. Against the wishes of the Air Force police, we turned the case over to the Spokane County Sherif. Their officers were appalled at the incompetency of the Air Force cops (something we'd suspected all along). Raymond got off free and the last I heard about him, he was working across the street from me at Langley Air Force Base in 2004. By then, I figured it was in God's hands. The end.
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