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July 2, 1992
World Famous Bum

We drove back to Spokane (2200 miles one-way), taking a detour through Chicago, to see what it was like. My mother, tired of hearing stories of Miimii and I living off grass and wood shavings, gave us $250 and ordered us to buy a microwave oven. So I did a photo shoot with it and sent the pictures back to her...poor lady...this is what she gets after having me kick the snot out of her for nine months...
About this time we got word of two movies being shot in Spokane. The first was Benny and Joon staring Johnny Depp, Aidan Quinn and Mary Stewart Matheson. The second was Toys, with Robin Williams and Robin Wright.
Miimii got called to do Toys but when she showed up to shoot, the weather was too nice for the scene, so they sent her home with $30 and lunch (we already had Lunch...grrr).
A few weeks later they called me for Benny and Joon
I went to a warehouse in Spokane. They had a house and a hospital built inside. It was really cool. I was dressed up as a hospital (male)nurse and they had me walk behind a glass door. I did this about ten times. Later it appeared in the film, toward the end. This photo did not turn out as clear as the movie but I'm the image in the background between Aidan and Johnny...

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July 3, 1992

I met Johnny Depp, although I wasn't a fan. He walked through the area where we were sitting...looked at me, I looked at him (he was wearing a top-hat)...I said,"Hey" and he waved and said,"Hey". They fed us Sushi (I LOVE Sushi)and steak for lunch, and it was all free! I was so shocked because Sushi is so expensive, and it was all-you-can-eat. Weeeeeee!!! I was like one of those dogs who is rescued off the street, and when I get my first meal, I sneak up to the bowl, look both ways, snatch the food, and run under the couch to eat in anticipation of having it stolen from me by other street dogs. No one took the sushi from me, but it did take them a while to get me out from under the couch.
My first motion picture appearance. I stayed at the warehouse for 12 hours and played ping-pong (same ping pong table in the film) with local newscaster Rick Douglas, who played a doctor towards the end of the film, but did not speak either. I watched them film that scene at about midnight. Mary Stewart Matheson danced around the set as they played that song,"I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MILES, AND I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MORE" over and over again. It was a catchy tune(until I heard it five hundred times).
Alas...I got no offers for horses trotting behind glass doors after that. Oh to be at least typecast...*sigh* To this day, when I walk behind hospital doors, I get a craving for Sushi.
One second of fame...gotta milk it for all it's worth.