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In September 1992, Miimii told me that she wanted to become a Christian. It was odd because 21 months earlier she was an atheist, and we'd had some intense friction from me being a believer. So I let go, prayed for her, and one day, out of the clear blue, she told me. We went to Catholic initiation classes at the base chapel, which were almost useless. The leader, Cecilia, a nice lady, taught Catholicism, but nothing at all about who Jesus Christ was, and what Christianity was all about. This should have been an indicator of what was to come when I later began asking questions about my faith. I was stonewalled.
After many requests to go deeper into basics, I drove Miimii to Seattle, and we bought a Japanese language Bible, which she could easily understand. Once she began reading, her eyes were opened, and we began having discussions about what it meant. We continued with the Catholic initiation classes simply because we had to in order to get the baptism.
I videotaped everything (with my friend Pernel's camera) except this--the battery light began blinking, and as I ran to the car to grab an extra battery, Miimii was baptized. She used the baptismal name Rita, the 'impossible saint'.
April 10, 1993

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I missed it, but someone shot this still photo of it. We called the priest the "spitting priest" because when we had to sit in the front row, his sermon sprayed the bench with his saliva. It was scary. We never sat in front again.

Our marriage was in big trouble. We fought often. Miimii was bitter because we couldn't have children. She quit her job at the motel too. Then one day Miimii, who was always very sensitive about being open on personal issues, blurted out in her Catholic initiation class,"We're not getting along well--we'll probably get divorced", and then laughed a little. I was so embarrassed. I just wanted to strike her.
In addition Kyomi (wearing white, in the right corner of the top photo), a woman from Okinawa who was in the classes with Miimii, our 'friend' (her husband was Miimii's baptismal sponsor), told Miimii that she should divorce me and take everything. These were Christians? Kyomi was a whore...no other way to describe her. And it was odd that after trying to make my wife a Catholic, I began wondering if I'd been in the right church for the past 27 years.
I asked our priest if we could get our marriage blessed by the Catholic church (I'm told it's church doctrine) and he said,"Don't worry about it", and blew us off. We never had it blessed.
On May 29, I personally arranged a medical air-evacuation (with no help from the Fairchild hospital), was flown to Madigan Medical Facility at Ft. Lewis, Washington, on an Air Force jet, and spent three days there. I had myself cut open to find out why I wasn't producing sperm.

The result was that I'd been born without a vas-deferens--I was producing sperm but had no plumbing to take them out. It was a birth defect. I was closed for business.

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