One thing I liked about Grafton, Virginia was ducks. They were all over our apartment complex. I'd see them in the morning waddling single-file all over the apartment complex. We had a 3rd floor apartment on Piccadilly Loop. One day when I came home with some food from Hardees, about 70 ducks were sitting in front of my apartment. They all quietly followed me up to the stairs of the apartment...I tossed them a french fry and they all went for it. And then they came after me. I sent Miimii up to the safety of the apartment while I negotiated with the ducks.
I discovered they liked food. So I'd take bread to them and sit on the bench to feed them. They'd stand on my feet sometimes and let me feed them by hand. It was pretty cool and I've loved ducks ever since.
And...I gave Lunch a big scare when I took the head off our cat-cookie jar. It was a good way to keep her in line.
After years of trying to understand why I was not able to father children we discovered I was a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis through DNA testing. In February Miimii got a nice job as a translator at the huge Canon Electronics plant in Newport News, Virginia and February 28 we moved into a new house on Fernwood Bend...our first...
January 1995
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