May 5, 1962...Mom finally bags Richard after dating for seven years and four days>>>
33 years!!!
We'd gotten settled into Virginia. Miimii loved her new job as a translator at Canon. I was having my usual problems in the Air Force...I have always had difficulties in my job, but have always managed to survive. The stress of moving to Virginia, Miimii's new job, and buying our first house in February, amplified everything. It took me months just to get the curtains hung. I also had a co-worker die of Luekemia at the age of 27, same age as Miimii, and that wore on everyone at work. Miimii and I went to sit vigil with the family just days before the death. Lots of stress, but I rather expected things to be tough, at least at first.

May 1986...after 24 years the happy couple still dreams of each other>>>
Mommy and Daddy's 25th wedding anniversary>>>

Dad and Mom had finally agreed to visit us in Virginia, after we'd begged 
them to visit us in Washington State for three years, but marital problems, 
fights and emotional fatigue between Miimii and I made it very unwise. I had 
to tell them no, and it was the last chance they ever had to see our house.

In 1995, Mommy and Daddy took the bottom photo for the Corpus Christi Catholic Church year-book (yes, I'm Catholic...there are bunches of us crawling around the countryside). They happened to have been married 33 years (which means they're old)...33 years and a lot of are just a few.
My dad is the one with the black hair.

May 1987, 25 years! Daddy surprises Mommy with 12/25 of a rose for every wonderful year together>>>
Once every 33 years Richard promised to take a professional photo with Mom>>>
May 1995

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