Love in the Gutter

Lunch and Moo were really, really weird. They'd fight all night, and make up at sunrise. By the way, Moo (the spotted one with the hunch back) liked sitting in the gutter.

And below, a cool set of shots of Miimii coming from the mailbox after work. We visited Washington D.C. on August 9th, the first time ever for Miimii, and my first since 1977. I was finally moved to a new office at work, one in which I had much more success and got along with my co-workers fabulously. I was actually popular there.

The summer of 1995 was pretty uneventful (except for Lunch's illicit drug use).

I'm sorry I tried to kill you...let's tongue each other>>>

Passing through a time warp, Miimii begins separating into slower, smaller Mini-Miimii's>>>

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August 1995