The Beginning

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We're only going to have two children and then we'll quit
1922...In the beginning...
Margaret and Henry Weiss of Ft. Branch, Indianawith their first two children Wilbert (three) and Cletus (one). Henry was a poor farmer and his family struggled to make ends meet most of their lives.

Why do we have to smile?  No one will ever see this picture
...May 25, 1945 The Paul Clan (L-R)Grandpa Ben (1903-1951, Grandma Mary (Freda) (1901-1974), Aunt Marcella (1924-2009), Uncle Donald (1933-?) Uncle Ben Jr. (1926-1993), Daddy Richard (1930-1996)and Uncle Lawrence (1928-2001)
We are fa-mil-ee!!! I got all my sisters and me!!!
The Weiss Clan (L-R)Grandpa Henry (1886-1960), Grandma Margaret (1893-1982)
Uncle Wilbert (1919-2001), Uncle Cletus (1921-1994), Aunt Rosalyn (1923- )
Aunt Alfreda (1924-1976), Aunt Henrietta (1925-1997), Mother Viola (1929- )...
 Where are the men putting their hands?

December 12, 1965, Michael William Paul born at 1:19am, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces. So if you're thinking of stuffing your face with cake, just heed my warning: CAKE DOESN'T PAY!!!

waaaa!!! I PISSED MY PANTS!!!