Four Years

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I'm a good little boy

December 1969
We'd moved into our new house on the west side of Evansville on June 12, 1969 and a few months later Mommy discovered she was pregnant with her 5th child. What a nice housewarming gift!
I was an extremely shy child, hiding behind my parents when people pointed and smiled at me. I spun around my father's leg so much they must have thought I was a male stripper in training. At home though, I was quite silly to the point of being annoying. My older brother Darrel and I were partners in crime when he wasn't at school, building things, drawing and having contests to see how many numbers we could write. I read my brother's schoolwork and he'd teach me everything he learned. It was strange when Darrel started school though...I was alone with Mom most of the time. She'd give me one blank piece of paper a day and I'd draw all the time. I was a handsome little man...
still psycho though...