Five Years

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December 1970

Cake was really paying off!!!
My little sister, Brenda, came along...ker plop!!! My parents named her after her older dead sister because they thought Brenda was a better name for a live child I guess. I discovered what it was like to be a big brother. Sometimes I ran naked in the back yard and then got a severe spanking... okay...well maybe just once. But the breeze was liberating. I was a happy little boy.

There were three traumatic events in 1970 which would forever affect me. My father was pretty unavailable emotionally and so my brother and I clinged to our uncle Lawrence (we called him Bushy) who was my father's older, unmarried brother, and Bushy seemed to listen to us. We loved him so much and he loved us almost as if we were his own children. He'd come over to visit often with my grandmother and we'd play. In 1970 he married Bettye Pfinder, a lady with four children of her own and soon they spawned their own child, Joe.
Game over...he married my grandmother's neighbor whose daughter, Vicky, happened to be a favorite playmate. She was hot for a 4-year old. My older brother Darrel started school...and Brenda was born, all within three months.
So in three months I lost what little attention I received from my parents as the 'baby' in the family, lost my favorite partner, Darrel, my favorite uncle, Bushy, and my favorite playmate. I felt slightly abandoned. I fell so far I had a fake wedding in the basement of 5-year old Holly Zettergreen, and then she refused to acknowledge the marriage afterwards. It was her parents' doing and actually, I forgot it five minutes after it happened. My mother tells me that I seemed to change at this time. I plummetted to the depths of evil...

...and then someone put super glue on my hands. hand's stuck to my face...I can't move