Twelve Years

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December 1977

The cat situation got out of control. Fluffy, the female of the Tiger and Fluffy pair, gave birth to three kittens and Mom and Dad wanted to get rid of them and her. A neighbor took one cat, and then Fluffly mated with her brother, Tiger, and delivered five more cats. No one ever considered having her spayed but Mom and Dad did want to get rid of her. Soon the problem was solved...Fluffy lost her mind and ran away, abandoning the kittens. All but one kitten died and the remaining kitten was taken by the neighbors again. Fluffy returned sporadically over the course of a year, about three times, and then left again.
And I discovered I was ridiculously, stupidly, uncontrollably gigglingly, absolutely nutso, over airplanes... Here is my favorite aircraft, The B-70 Valkyrie.