Twenty-Nine Years

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December 1994

Virginia!!! We moved to Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, to York County. We bought a brand-new townhouse in Grafton and I bought new handlebar tape for my bicycle and re-did my entire drivetrain. Woo Hoo!!!
We had high hopes for our new life in Virginia. It was only 13 hours from my home (Spokane was 40 hours), and with the gigantic population Miimii was almost sure to get a job. Maybe...just maybe...she would FINALLY be happy and I wouldn't have to feel guilty from hearing her tell me I'd ruined her life by allowing her to come to the United States to marry me. Sometimes the best thing to hear from your wife is that she's glad she married you.

So we drove out onto the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and my wife backed me up against the edge of the water. So I hid behind my bicycle...

Please don't kill me!!!