Thirty-Seven Years

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As Horsey grows older and older he begins getting long hair in some really strange places

December 12, 2002 (37 years)

The 75 days I spent in Germany, the subsequent 90-day loss of my bicycle by the U.S. Postal service, mechanical problems, a heavy work schedule and lack of motivation all contributed to a lost year of racing. I'd begun what would hopefully be my new career upon my retirement from the Air Force...Real Estate investing. And then...I met a wonderful local lady and had a wonderful three months with her. I didn't know how to show her I loved her...she left and took with her the only beauty from 2002...her smile...her love. I missed her horribly...the circle continued and here I was again.
Lost, confused, disapointed, and so this time I purchased a friend I could legally prevent from running away. I had a new family son Gizmo...the hairy beast (a Yorkshire Terrier puppy). He'd just been 'fixed' and he still loved me...but I couldn't help wonder if the trail of bodies in my personal life would keep piling up. My past was developing a stench.