Consider God

Scientists believe our universe originated with what is known as the Big Bang. Where Intelligent Design may suggest the Big Bang happened as a result of a creator, scientists believe it happened spontaneously. This theory states that about 15 billion years ago there was nothing. Then, at the point of this event, all matter and energy was contained in one piece of matter the size of a dime, the Big Bang happened, and here we are. The basic idea that 'nothing' exploded and suddenly you have something, violates the first law of thermodynamics, simply stated,"You can't get something from nothing". It's been theorized that the laws of nature as we know them did not exist at that time. This suggests that what occurred in the Big Bang was outside the laws of nature

One central idea of Darwinian Evolution is that through a process of natural selection, superior traits emerge that ensure the survival of some species and lead to the formation of entirely new species over time. In the second law of thermodynamics, Physicist Lord Kelvin states,"The most probable state for any natural system is one of disorder. All natural systems degenerate when left to themselves." The idea that simple organisms evolve into more complex and entirely new organisms is against the second law of thermodynamics and is therefore not scientific. This also would have had to occur outside the laws of nature.

This law, however, refers to a closed system. It states that in an open system, a portion may become more orderly as long as other parts offset this by becoming less orderly. Evolutionists claim this shows that things can become more complex on their own because the earth is open to outside forces and is therefore not a closed system. Earth may have outside influences now, but this cannot explain how the Big Bang created order from disorder. With all energy and matter in the universe contained in one element, that is, everything in the physical realm, there were no outside forces. The universe was essentially a closed system. Only something outside of nature could have accounted for an increase in order and complexity through the Big Bang and the species which originated thereafter.

If the origin of the universe and all living things cannot be explained within the laws of nature, I propose that the cause was working outside the laws of nature, that is, a supernatural force. It worked outside of nature, not within. You can't get something from nothing. We all know that because nature doesn't allow it, but a supernatural force working outside the laws of nature can. I suggest that upon examining the above theories using science and finding them lacking, the next logical step would be to consider a force beyond natural law. One must consider
God .

February 23, 2023
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