Why do you look away my love, when I'm standing in front of you?
Naked, exposed, you only you, can know my love is true, only you
Why do you live with another, when I lay down my life for you?
Can another be wanting you more, the way I'm wanting you?
And freely give you away in an instant, for you, only you?
I only wanted one thing in life; I only ever wanted you
In truth I have given my soul, and given it to you
Though I give away my life, my life alone, is you
And then I am devoured, within the lust of you
Tear me open; I've hidden nothing from you
Leave, I am nothing, stay and I am you
If life was built on us, but no it's you
My life stands alone on you,
Only you

March 9, 1999-January 5, 2000
Copyright �2000 Michael Paul