The Way I See It


I Killed a Frog

I killed a frog; sorry…it was an accident I swear
I was gassing mosquitoes...had no clue he was there
He flip-flopped, grabbed his froggy throat with froggy webbed feet
Then he croaked, okay? I watched it all neat

The funeral was sad...froggies with tiny bow-ties
And they still pee in public...the girls AND the guys
Even in sick, what a mess
And believe me, girl frogs don't look good in a dress

I felt really bad about the whole thing,
If I knew “Frog” I'd write them a sad song to sing
And since I sprayed Frog-World, frog business is numb
Bullfrogs run illegal scams, tadpoles snort swamp scum

Yesterday I poured bleach on the spider from hell
And I guess you are wondering how could I tell?
He tempted me with sex, only Satan would know
(Flattered) I turned him down...and with bleach, I let go

His spirit went into a pig (with a machine gun…uhhh…different poem)
He said, “I am Sin”, and I said, “Sorry, don’t know him”
I chased him in my car...couldn't let Satan get away
Thank God for second gear, I had evil bacon that day

The mosquitoes returned now that the spider was dead
The frogs forgave me, yes, but only after I bled
As a plea-bargain deal I have to run my porch light
While frogs await in ambush for what goes buzz in the night

October 10, 12:17am
Copyright ©2000 Michael Paul