My love awakens me in the night 
Her steely eyes glow in radiant moons of lust 
Talking with touching 
In a peculiar probe 
A subtle tug upon my robe 
Her eyes fixate and gently ask me to trust
Her fingers as they dance across my cheeks 
Her smile as it speaks of a secret wish 
What's this I see glistening in the moonlight? 
Ohhh the feel of your damp skin 
As you slowly, slip on in 
In the fragrance of fresh shampoo and soap 
I wonder, can a man ever be more than this?
Pull me along my love by the hand 
Or whatever, whatever you can find 
And show me all of the wonder of you 
All of the woman of you 
If we get a little dirty 
My love, don't worry,I won't mind 
Lay before me like a scrumptious feast 
You could turn my burning candle 
Into a towering inferno 
With touch and kiss 
Oh to devour you slowly 
It's you I so want to handle 
With both hands and lips
Through an opening I reach inside 
Palming for your juicy fruit 
When you burst upon me in lemon ripples 
And what I cannot hold 
Spills onto the rest of me 
In thick dew-covered breasts 
And crisp maraschino nipples 
Pulling me from my hiding place 
The timid can be so hard to find 
But your search has brought me out 
To face my shadow in the sun 
And stand boldly before you as high noon 
You touch me,and I unwind
Your lips are like a bloody rose 
Collapsing on mine, savoring my soma 
In slippery ways you write your secret upon me 
Curling around me,over me in drunken desire 
On my stem wrapped thy scarlet flower 
And tenderly made it shine 
Blinding me with your blazing distant fire 
I wander your world in a cautious delay 
Through mountains of soft-serve 
Throbbing plains of glistening silk 
Searching for your fertile forest
My red cane leading the way
Your navel captures my kisses 
It is a sweet, sweet mountain lake 
No jewel could outshine 
Nor mason design 
And I am a downhill skier 
To your steamy valley I snake 
Dripping in trails of passion 
Lathering your landscape with my seed 
Swelling and firming upon your melting 
Soaking you like bubbling champagne 
My potion must be freed,let me enter my steed

Slide me from the safety of your shores 
Towards ecstasy I am slipping 
Like a watercolor in the rain 
I run all over and into you 
Diving into your tranquility 
I am skinny-dipping 
Worn like a fresh coat of paint 
You are so warm, so surrounding 
Your advance is my retreat 
Your end is my beginning 
Your inhale is my exhale 
Your receiving, my sending 
Sink me deep in the well of your love 
Enveloped I am drowning  

Oh to tame the enticing mare I see 
Writhing below me in the violence of the tide 
I'm a sea unto your shore 
In thee all my love I pour 
Oh the pain I see in your eyes aglow 
Oh the feeling of love that is falling upon me 
As you sparkle beneath me in the night 
Arch thy mountains in tasty invites 
Let me lap you up my salty delight 
And roll in on the approaching tsunami  

The moon is blotted out from the sky 
Day is breaking...and you're my sunrise 
Your mouth like a hungry bird 
Begs me to fill its empty, aching hollow 
In sincere words of my unending love 
And in wet oscillating swallows 
Your eyes are a heavenly crystal chalice 
Your neck, a tower of liquescent ice cream 
And I am a mighty king wallowing in your palace 
When I'm in you I increase in size 
Ride the rapids upon my stirrups 
Carve your name fingerously down my back 
Surging through your trembling estuary 
Flavors of lemon, peach and strawberry 
In my arms you gasp and coldly shudder 
Churning, churning, churning you like butter
Locks flow in streams of chocolate syrup 
For a moment the sky has turned black 
The breath you give is all I have 
You keep my lungs inflating 
In a seal so tight your life is mine 
You are resuscitating
One wish in my heart, one wish.as I gaze on you my divine 
This moment forever, 
Forever suspended in time  

The torrents subside and all we have 
That is worthy of denoting 
Is a mountain spring of an unknown flavor 
And a champagne cork floating 
For to be consumed together 
And not be consumed alone 
Is the reason a banana split 
Is envied by the cone 
Morning whispers cool the tired valley grasses 
No longer are there two in the wake of the storm 
Looking up from our garden of milk and molasses 
In a field of green.a wildflower is born  

April 18, 1998-April 16, 2002, 10:48am
Copyright ©2002 Michael Paul