You show me you love me
By painting me a sky
Millions of birds above me
With a wave of your hand…you make them fly
And you paint me into your masterpiece
The artist of all that I see
You made me a work of art,
Art thou painting just for me?

When I see all you've done for me
My divine decorator
You hang your handiwork on my life
You’re my artist, my creator
To show me the delight you have
In being my delight
With the touch of a kitten’s nose
Or dance of wildflowers on a mountainside

What a glorious scene to see
Where all creation began
To know the creator
To see the work of his nail pierced hands
And the mighty, powerful strokes
From the palette of his own blood
That can paint freedom in a robin’s feathers
And salvation from a cross of wood


April 28, 9:01pm,
Copyright ©2002 Michael Paul