The End
Oh pity my little friend Pity those who are left behind I go to a place where all things are made known Try to be happy for I am no longer blind Oh my little puppy With a spirit ten times your size My little tornado with hair and teeth And beautiful milk-dud eyes I saved you from not being loved You loved me with tiny licks and gentle bites But this day we've come to a time When we can no longer fight Be good and be lovely And one thing I ask you to do Don't ever chase anything That's not running away from you The thunder of the rain Is just a tiny pitter patter The things I slaved over for years No longer even matter All things are now sweet molasses On a cold autumn day I see the sun for the tiny star that it is I feel all the pain going away Lay your weary head upon my chest I want to feel you sighing I want to share this moment with my best friend I'm no longer afraid of dying I'll go out the way I came in Naked......and crying The end

November 3, 2:12pm,
Copyright 2004 Michael Paul