The focus of my pain was hatching
Taking her first breath
She pecked too hard in search of food
And plunged me to my pit of death
The one I loved the most
Made me the biggest fool
I loved her like she was a swan 
And didn't see her buzzard's drool

How could I love her when it hurts so much
To simply look at her face?
Fear will drive my soul to hell
For hate I can do from any place
I can hate her from so far away
She won't feel my wrath
And I won't see her tears
I can hate to love another day
I can hate her if she's not really here

How could I expose my underbelly
To one who would lap my blood?
The mark of the beast is the betrayer's kiss
And a bloody glove
Tell me...how can I love?

The shards of glass
Which used to give my life color
Will stab me in the heart
When my focus turns to the sun
The days of wine and roses
Leave a drunken, stumbling, sobbing old man
Who will fall into his own daggers
If he dares lift himself to run

I keep my eyes to the ground
And roll in the glass that cuts me still
Like thousand needle tracks
For each painful fix
You're a pill
For each sliver of glass
You drive deep into my soul
Must somehow remain
For when it's gone
It leaves a hole

May 5, 2005, 12:56am
Copyright 2005 Michael Paul