per you

You just put the sun out of a job
Made the swan look like a filthy old slob
When you spoke to me
With that look and sound
And the ugly sun 
Brings only weeds from the ground
The song bird is belching
When I'm with you
The clouds are raw sewage
When your eyes are true
And you tenderly speak it
Without knowing what you've done
All the world dulls in beauty
When compared to this one
The mountains are dirty
The birds have big noses
Don't fill my garden with
Those nasty old roses
Why do the stars twinkle
It's all dandruff now
When your eyes sparkle
All I can say is...wow
I dream of a morning
Just watching you rise
I go to your shore
Wash my soul in your sigh
Given of angels
The best of divine
Has touched me and held me
When your hand touches mine

June 23, 2005, 9:41am
Copyright 2005 Michael Paul