Cho and Chan

Once there were two penguins. They had lived on the same ice flow for ten years, yet they had never spoken to each other. One day, in December, one penguin (his name was Cho) was waddling around on the edge of the ice flow when he saw his neighbor (Chanello) lying on his back, floating out to sea.

He became concerned and splashed into the cold water to pull Chanello back to the flow. One hundred and thirty seven penguins dove in behind Cho but they didn't know why. Cho soon found out that Chanello had swallowed a bad shrimp, and had passed out because his sphincter had frozen shut from the cold, causing him to expel intestinal gas through his eye sockets, blowing out his contact lenses (he was a very advanced penguin-after all, his name was Chanello), causing him to stumble, hit his head, fall into the water, float out to sea, and be hit by one hundred and thirty seven penguins. It had been a bad day.

When Cho heard this he decided an introduction was in order. "I Cho, what your name?" "Chanello", replied Chanello, and then he said,"Gesundheit!" Cho, not being so advanced, could only pronounce "Chan".

And so Cho tended to Chan until he was unfrozen, then asked him to stay. Soon, they were best friends, Cho and Chan. They visited the new Antarctica Disneyland together, went to penguin parties, played tug-of-squid, and sometimes even wore each others' tuxedos.

After about eighty five years, Chan, who'd completed his doctorate in gravity (the frozen sphincter experience taught him to appreciate it), moved away and started a practice outside of Disneyland. Penguins would come from ice flows all over the South for advice on gravity. Most were already pretty banged up.

One day Cho came by. Chan was fixing Donald Duck's bill and counseling him on the hazards of living in a Mickey Mouse world. When he saw Cho, he became so excited, he felt Goofy. He hadn't seen Cho in five years. Goofy slapped his flipper down.

Cho said to Chan, "Chan". Chan said to Cho, "Cho". This was a very common thing for them to do when they met.

Cho said he had retired from his business making wax corn (for some reason every penguin had to have a piece of wax corn in front of his dwelling) and wanted to end his years with Chan, helping the needy. Chan was moved, not because of Cho's limited mental capacity, and stuttering, but because he found a place in his practice where Cho could use his talents. Cho would be perfect as a paperweight. And so, after Cho asked the penguins following him to leave, Cho and Chan lived happily ever after.

Until one of them died.

The End

Spring 2003 - August 27, 2005, 6:39pm
Copyright 2005
Michael Paul