The Way It Could Be
Glitter, lace
And not a single sad face
Love so thick
You could trip over it
Smiles of joy
And nerves for a boy
Who wants to
But can't get over it
And there he is!
And here she comes!
She's dimples and teeth
He's all elbows and thumbs
And there they are within a dance
To a song whose chorus they become
Bride and groom have begun to sing
A melody we can only hum
In the ice and snow
How could they know
How we slip and slide
As they float and glide
Love so strong
It can tie us together
Oblivious to the weather
Like words and harmony
Speak into life a new being
Love so strong
How can we keep from seeing?
Icicle cheeks
Trembling, tissue-filled hands
Reflect the crescendo
Of a sacred romance
When the one God had made
Through the silly-string showers
Flashing-bulb flowers
And crystallized trees
Through the grimy, wet
Gravel-carpeted lane
Love so thick
So strong
So beautiful
So overwhelming
Parts the sea
Tears the curtain of night
And sets them free
To fly

April 19, 6:15pm
Copyright ©2008 Michael W. Paul