Before we met
God knit her
In her mother's womb
Before we met
He built into my soul
An empty room
Before we met
She walked with me
But God hid her from my eyes
Before I laid eyes on her
Many seeds of love
In my heart died
And then she came
Wrapped in sunbeams, 
Shining through the church door
She who made my life the same
No more
I touched her arm
Even when she wanted me not
And in my soul a new life sprang forth
In an empty spot
And love
That could not be contained
Dressed in black, crowned in a smile,
And she had your name
Then you took an empty room
A once empty hole
And you made it bloom
Grew a garden in my soul
Sprang Beloved's silhouette
Rooted in the morning sun
Since the day that we met
Just look what you've done

January 4, 12:22am,
Copyright 2009 Michael Paul