The Way I See It
(to the Tune of Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey")

See the tree, how big it's grown
But friend, you know it won't be long
I'm getting a chipper
I laughed at her and she got mad
The time we had that fishing trip
And I ate Flipper

Then the first snow came
And she ran out to rub her face in it
And eat yellow snow
Came running in all excited
Slipped and fractured her pelvis
And I laughed 'till spaghetti shot out of my nose

She was always young at heart
Kinda dumb, and kinda stupid
And I loved her toe
And I surprised her with a bullhorn
Kept me up all Christmas Eve
Three years ago

And it would sure embarrass her
When I came in from working late
'Cause I was drunk
And she'd be sitting there and crying
Over various parts of Flipper
And he really stunk

And Dummy, I miss you
And I'm flossing often
And I'd love to be with you
If only I could breathe in a coffin

She burned down all the neighborhood
While playing with gasoline and wood
And cooking loins
Though I ran out and got a gun
She knew I was just having fun
And kicked me in the groin

I came home unexpectedly
And caught her gnawing needlessly
On the living room chairs
And it was in the early spring
When flowers bloom and robins sing
She fell down twelve flights of stairs

And Dummy, I miss you
And I kept the dorsal
And I'd love to be with you
If only I had an earth snorkel

One day while I was not at home
While she was there and all alone
A piano fell from the sky (and killed her and now she'd dead)
Now all I have is memories of Dummy,
And I wake up nights
And dig up her head

Now my life's an empty can
Of Dummy's teeth and hair and skin
And her toe nail that's black
And a bluebird flutters in the sky
While I look into Dummie's eyes
And then put them back

And see the tree how big it's grown
One flip of the master switch, it's gone
And now it's dust
And I laughed at her and she got mad
When she came home and caught me watching
"The Land of the Lust"

Feb 16
Copyright ©2011
Michael Paul, Bobby Russell