The Way I See It
To Di in your arms

Who put the sky behind the sun,
who put the sea beneath the sky,
who put the light in only one,
one who makes my spirit fly.
When the dawn pushes away the moon,
when dew drips from the morning grass,
I know my morningís coming soon,
love shines upon my face at last.
Paint my world with colors deep,
touch my heart with touch of fragile hands,
when my love in the darkness sleeps,
the stars will help me understand. 

Oh to kiss your toes at the break of morning,
to breathe the air you breathe all day,
the thoughts of you in my mind adorning,
only your name until sunset I say.
You can wake me with your waking shower,
you can chill me with your shivering snow,
your heartbeat counts away the hours,
and plucks me like a brittle bow.

Strike me with your fists of hate,
stab me with your darts of death,
Iíll take your blows and then Iíll wait,
time I have when nothing else is left.
Love me with your passionate kisses,
hold me with your arms of fear,
fill my head with futile wishes,
for my wish is that youíre always near.

Love me for a thousand lifetimes,
and Iíll love you even more than this,
for if nothing I withhold of mine,
in your arms Iíll die with our last kiss.


September 28, 2015