Burning Plastic

My world is a painful place
When I've got burning plastic on my face
I thought it would help me
It just leaves a scar
But not like when I sucked
The exhaust on my car

Poured water on it
It conformed to my head
A custom made helmet
For the sick and the red
Tried to scream "Mommy! Mommy!"
But she's doing it too
Smells so familiar
Like epoxy glue

As my last breath leaves me
And the angels appear
I think "Look, it's Jason!"
My last glance in the mirror
Me and my mommy
Lie in state at the morgue
The coroner goes "Hey!
"Who brought in the cyborg?"
He said,"That's too bad
Couldn't have been more elastic
Cause it's hard to peel off from your face
Burning plastic"

February 8
Copyright 1998 Michael Paul