Kant stay awake
for Michael (Mr. Horse)

Kant stay awake reading Critique.
You know it's slow and dry when we start
Talking about how the Cocteau Twins did it
On their calendar, painted
The days like that with clothespins
Up their nostrils and a plastic baby
In the hamper.

I got this Valentine's card:
"Here in Korea... Missing you"
Is all the colored cryptic yelping
I can digest with that kid's hand
You write and the North and South
Two yards away and I'm here
In the US.

This magazine next to me has a spread.
The art editors sprayed it with speech
Balloons and a guy thinking of a window
Next to a girl thinking of cheesecake,
And their spheres collide in big grainy dots
So she can't pout like she wants and he
He can't think of a balloon in the world.

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