Ha is the treasured daughter
Of a country torn apart
From the war machines and hatred
Came a princess of the heart
While she gives herself to many
She reveals herself to few
With the beauty of an orchid
But the river, she is blue

She has suffered many heartaches
Still her love has stood the test
Guess it's true the one who serves the most
Is the one we love the best
With a singing voice of children
Like a songbird she delights
She'll charm the shine from off the sun
Near her even dawn is night

While she waits to tell the story
For the ones who can't be heard
Still she wanders if her meekness
Can be conquered by a word
Like the waters she was named for
She brings joy continuously
And she gives it to the world
Like the river feeds the sea


March 3, 1:45 am
Copyright �1998 Michael Paul